How does it work

Thanks to 3D printing, SidusTech revolutionizes the entire aftermarket supply chain.

How does the process work?

SidusTech place a 3D printer connected to the network in each workshop. This printer is able to produce any spare part that can be made using modern 3D printing technologies. Each piece is certified by blockchain technology.

You can order individual parts on a web portal (supported and organized via Artificial Intelligence), which contains the complete catalog of available parts. For each item in the catalogue, SidusTech provides a print file (in G-Code format). The workshop can consult the parts catalog on the portal and, with a few simple clicks, can then proceed with the purchase of the necessary products.

In the case of a standard piece, the workshop is able to start the printing process on site and completely autonomously. In the case of special spare parts, the purchase activates the printing process at one of our partner companies which specialize in the creation of customized products. The latter will then supply the ordering company, while still ensuring maximum speed and full compliance.

How we work:

  • 3D Design
    3D design of the component, starting from the customer’s needs, based on the application and operating needs.
  • Reverse engineering
    Reconstruction of the 3D model starting from the physical component.

  • 3D Printing
    Definition of the best printing setups, to reproduce the product on any interconnected SidusTech machine.
  • Connected System
    A closed control system on each machine, which guarantees its qualitative performance and the immediate resolution of any problem.
  • Study of materials
    Accurate analysis of each spare part and its environments of use, to define which materials are most suitable for its creation.
  • Homologation and certification
    Supervision and consultancy by TUV Sud on certifications and approvals that may be necessary for the single spare part.

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