Design and development
We put our consultancy at the service of small and large producers in the design and construction phases of components with the need for limited edition production, providing the best solutions in terms of costs and project sustainability.
Renewal of old fleets
Finding the components for the renewal of old fleets of aircraft is not always easy, because they often come from foreign countries or from companies that are no longer in business. SidusTech finds the fastest and most economically sustainable solutions to supply spare parts.
Spare parts distribution
Once the components necessary for the production of the vehicle or for its renewal have been created, SidusTech ensures a supply of components that lasts over time and is easily available globally.

We produce any type of spare part that can be made by modern 3D printing technologies.

Do you work in the aftermarket?

Do you want to speed up the procurement of spare parts and reduce warehouse costs?
We will show you how our solutions help you save time and money in spare parts management.