About Us

SidusTech is the first company to offer on the market a 3D printing service, specific for the aftermarket, which minimizes the steps between production and the use of spare parts.

We produce any type of spare part that can be made by modern 3D printing technologies.

Our team includes programmers, mechanical designers, laboratory experts, materials chemistry experts, logistics specialists. Each figure comes from the spare parts sector and has gained many years of experience in managing and solving problems relating to the spare parts supply chain.ù

All these professionalisms make SidusTech a company that is not only innovative, but also pioneering. Our goal is to revolutionize the spare parts supply chain, help our customers reduce procurement times and costs, eliminate warehouses and reduce environmental impact.

Do you work in the aftermarket?

Do you want to speed up the procurement of spare parts and reduce warehouse costs?
We will show you how our solutions help you save time and money in spare parts management.